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VIDEO: Sales Safari in Action

It’s like Christmas! And I get to play Santa. Have you been a good little human? Let’s see what I have here for you… Ooh, hooray! It’s 20 minutes of Safari video lessons from the last session of 30×500! As I mention in my 2-minute intro, these video lessons are a little bit outdated. Since […]

How do you create a product people want to buy?

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. Have you ever found yourself mired in this process? Come up with idea! Build idea! Put idea online… Wait for sales… … wait for sales… Double down and try to figure out “product-market fit”, in other words: Who wants to buy this? Over the years, I’ve watched countless […]

Why You Should Do A Tiny Product First

NOTE: The Bootcamp has been moved to June 29/30th due to conflicts. Expect an official announcement this week! So, one of the major changes that Alex and I are making to 30×500 is to teach our students to create an educational product first. What’s an educational product, or infoproduct? Anything small that teaches (which isn’t […]

30×500 is Dead, Long Live 30×500

Another 30×500 ended, a new one just begun… but not quite. The Class… The Legend As you probably know, I developed a course called 30×500. The goal: to help other designers & developers (people like me!) do what I did — create a growing, profitable stable of products, without outside funding, on the side, to create […]

“Shut Up and Take My Money!” – Or, How to Pitch so People Will Listen

The phrase “Shut up and take my money!” may have come from a cartoon, but it’s not a myth. “Shut Up Money” (SU$ for short!) has happened to me and I’ve watched it happen to my students & my friends. It’s unbelievably life-affirming and awesome, when somebody wants to give you their money even more […]

Why Bootstrapping Is Better than an Accelerator Program

NOTE FROM YOUR EDITOR: Sometimes you get an email that’s so right, that so captures what you’ve been trying to create for years that you just can’t help but dance and squeal with glee. That’s how I felt when I saw this very powerful story on the 30×500 mailing list. I feel honored to help […]

9 Years Ago, 37signals Had No Products…

How the hell did 37signals go from an unknown little consulting company to a bootstrapped product juggernaut? Below is a video lesson from my 30×500 Product Launch Class which explains how. It’s called Stacking the Bricks, and it’s a no-nonsense look at how 5 businesses got started, and how they grew and are growing — […]

Why You Gotta Apply for 30×500 & Why You Should LOVE it

SoooOoooo. I put together a little video for ya, all about the 30×500 application process. If you’re planning to apply, you should definitely watch it. For starters, it gives you a lil taste of the Amy Universe. And who doesn’t want that? Also… inside, I spell out exactly why you have to apply (hint: I’m terribly […]

Be Your Own Angel – How to Make Money Happen

Let’s talk about money, baby! And where money comes from. Whether it’s funding or acquihires, angels or convertible notes, debt or income, money is the topic we all looooove to talk about (and pretend not to care about). Lemme be straight with you: I love me some money. And I don’t mind admitting it. Growing […]

The 5-part 30×500 Taste Test

The Product Revolution is Coming! Hey there, sexy. As you probably know, I’ve got a launch on right now for the 4th round of my 30×500 Launch Class — aka, the coolest, most bullshit-free, most hilarious, most systematic way ever to start & launch your first product. You also probably know that I’m not just […]

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