Stuff You Can Download

Hey there, pardner.

I’ve posted a lot of goodies that you might want to download, mostly cheat sheets and slide stacks from my various talks I’ve given. This section will soon be more dynamic, and definitely purtier, when I can sneak in some template work into my incredible amounts of free time. I also have some more goodies to upload, but I’m waiting for the proper time.

Til then, here’s a plain old list of links:

Cheat Sheets

I love to create these dang things. They’re all in full-color PDFs. Download, print, hang!

Presentations (and slides!)

Here are slide stacks from the talks I’ve given, as well as links to things I mentioned during my talks.

OSCON 2006

Canada on Rails

php|Works 2005

The other talk I gave at php|works, When Interface Design Attacks was revamped and given again at OSCON 2006. See the OSCON 2006 list.

Hey, why not get a shiny
Freckle Time Tracking