A Not-So-Objective View of Ruby

It’s a sad state of affairs. I’ve been so remiss when it comes to blogging (and anything else that is quasi- but not directly work-related) that someone scooped me on something related to me. Marcel Molina, of 37 Signals (and previously, Ionist), posted this to the Ruby on Rails weblog:

The first is an introduction to Ruby by Amy Hoy. She brings her quirky right-brained ebullience to bear, providing a thorough yet accessible tour of Ruby. She emphasizes that one of its most salient characteristics is that it makes you happy. If her writing style is any indication, she’s loving life.

Awww, Shucks

Do you hear that sound? It’s the blood rushing to my cheeks. I mean, gosh. There’s a whole world of adjectives one could use to describe me, including “hare-brained lib arts word-hippie,” and yet the words he chose are so… complimentary. (Unless you hate quirkiness and ebullience, in which case I would not be to your taste anyway.)

The PDF Goods


I do, in fact, have an article on Ruby in this edition of ObjectiveView, which comes just before Obie Fernandez‘s excellent and extremely in-depth Ruby on Rails tutorial. I was tickled when Mark Collins-Scope approached me for an article, and it was fun to write. (I’m sure poor Mark is much less enamored of the whole process than I am, since he had to pester me constantly, but I hope he feels the end result was worth it.)

My article is aimed at folks who may potentially be rescued from the slavering jaws of enterprise-style Java, so if you’re a total neophyte it’s probably not for you. You still can be enlightened by Obie’s tutorial, however, so I recommend grabbing the magazine PDF either way.

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