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The #1 reason user feedback can ruin your app

The user is using your app. The user requests a feature. You think: OK, they know what they want and they want this, so I’ll do it. But it’s not that simple. Replace “user” with “player.” The player is playing your game. The player requests a rule change. Well, here we have a conflict, and… Read more »

Help! My SaaS isn’t growing! +60% revenue, 1 year later…

Just about a year ago, I wrote that Freckle had hit the Plateau of Doom. We were dead in the water at $28,000 a month. We’d grow a little… then shrink a little, grow a little, shrink a little… for months at a time. Why? y=mx+b. Growth (new accounts) is pretty much linear, a reliable… Read more »

VIDEO: Sales Safari in Action

It’s like Christmas! And I get to play Santa. Have you been a good little human? Let’s see what I have here for you… Ooh, hooray! It’s 20 minutes of Safari video lessons from the last session of 30×500! As I mention in my 2-minute intro, these video lessons are a little bit outdated. Since […]

Vaccinate Yourself Against Crappy Customer Feedback

Gosh, sometimes I love the internet so much I want to marry it. If only internet bigamy were legal! (Sorry, honey.) Right now I’m crushin’ on the internet because of Least Helpful, a blog which does nothing more complicated than put together screenshots of terrible reviews, along with some witty one-liners. Very witty one-liners, in […]

“I Half-Expect a Kitten with a Top Hat…” – Why I Do What I Do

Suddenly, we’re receiving a lot more — and a lot more interesting — emails from Freckle Time Tracking customers. I don’t know if it’s the Daylight Savings, the fall colors, or the cool weather that’s triggering it… either way, I like it. Here are two of my faves: Kittens with Top Hats… What, No Monocles? […]

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When You Should Ignore Your “Customers”

I do a lot of sales through email marketing — to folks who specifically requested that I email ‘em. I don’t email all that much; most months, I don’t email at all. For the past month, I’ve been sending 1-2 emails a week. Not just “buy my shit” emails, but free samples from the class, […]

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